Men's Program Only
New Life Recovery Residence / Program
New Life Recovery Residence 
Recovery Residence for men struggling with 
alcohol & drug abuse

Conditions to participate in the 
Christian New Life Recovery Program:
1. Must have employment to
pay weekly program fees.
2. Participation in 1 weekly educational program (normally appx. 1 1/2 hours)​

The New Life Recovery Residence Program is a one-year Christian based program for men who have had problems with alcohol and drug addictions and to help them get set free from those addictions and to move forward with their lives to the next level of independent living without alcohol or drugs and becoming the men that God has called them to be. 
Helping Men to Create a New Life through Christian Education & Sober House Living
Grand Rapids, Mi 49503
Newly Remodeled 
Completely Furnished
6 Bedrooms  2 Baths
8 Man Capacity
Recovery Residence
Close to bus routes
Downstairs Living Room 
2 bedrooms with 2 men per room 
4 private bedrooms
Upstairs Living Room 
Front Porch
WiFi Internet w 2 Computers
Family Friendly Cable TV in most of the home
Smoke Free Environment

A Safe Place to 
come home to:
Quiet Neighborhood
Christian Environment
Motion Lights Outdoors
Programmable Door Locks
Alarm System
Security Guards across street
Laundry Room
Private Food Storage
​Back-up Generator

Zero Tolerance
No Alcohol or Drugs
No Active Users
No Sex Offenders
Random Drug testing 
Random Alcohol Breathalyzer

Dining Room
Private Back Yard

Application Process:
1. Fill out application
2. Face to Face Interview
3. Intake & Orientation

Selection of Men based on the following:
Full time employment
Want change from their heart
Willingness to learn and stay sober
Spiritual desire to learn
Positive attitude toward life
Willingness to take on responsibility
Willingness to get along with others
Follow through with your commitments

Grand Rapids, Michigan
Men want a nice place to live.
It helps with one's self worth.
There is freedom in Change
We need God's direction for life choices!

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2017 Christmas Season: The New Life Recovery Residence Program is now just over one year old
and we are seeing a lot of growth in the 8 guys who are living here. The administration was amazed to witness the guys coming together as a brotherhood and approaching us about spending thier own money for decorations for the house then donating their time to put them all up and to create a Christmas atmosphere to celebrate 
the birth of Christ. Awesome!!! 12/4/2017

2 Man Bedroom
Addicted Men Rebuilding Character through Christ

New Life Recovery Residence was purchased by Randy's House on 10/7/2020 
contact 616-498-2464